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MultiGenre Archive 14-15

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Presenting Jung Bin Kim's PowToon Presentations:





















What was Auschwitz? Auschwitz was a camp used to hold prisoners in World War 2. Hitler took over Germany and was the new ruler. He thought there were many to blame for Germany and the world’s problems. Hitler blamed the disabled, Jewish people, Gypsies, Romas, Hungarians  and much more for these issues.

     Hitler said he would fix these problems. But how? His answer was to put the people he blamed in camps. Death camps, Labor, Women camps, extermination and so many other camps. One of these camps was Auschwitz. Auschwitz was split up into three different camps. Auschwitz, (May 26, 1940) Auschwitz Birkenau, (Oct 8, 1941)  and Auschwitz Monowitz (May 31, 1942).

     Who was sent to these camps? Jewish people (mainly), Poles, Gypsies, and Romas. the people came from all throughout Europe.

Women were sent to a part of the camp and the weak and children were “immediately” killed because they were too weak to work or were sick. Families were only aloud to stay together in the Gypsy camp.

     Auschwitz was unique from the others. This was the worse camp you could go to. This was the most strict camp  It was the largest and complex camp. Not only was it the largest camp, it was one camp made up of three! This camp had the most amount of deaths than the others.

This camp was organized in a harsh way. The people who were sent to the camp were “registered, tattooed, undressed, and had all of their body hair shaven off. They were showered while their clothes were being disinfected in zyklon-B gas. After that they entered the camp under a sign that said “Labor set you free)’’.

     What was a day like at Auschwitz? A soldier would march into the barracks with a whistle at 4am and wake everyone up. They would be able to eat some breakfast. The most they could get to eat was tea, or coffee. After breakfast there would be roll call. The soldiers would call out a name and made sure you were there. After roll call came work. They would work, and work. They would work up to lunch, eat and then they would work more. Finally after work they would get to eat dinner (bread) and go back to barracks and went to sleep at 9pm.

After the prisoners were there for a few days, they would most likely be killed. They would be killed by being forced into gas chambers that looked like showers. Soldiers would pick some prisoners and force them into a gas chamber. they would be undressed and showered until death. The killed were put into human sized ovens where their bodies were burned.  

     These camps killed so many people. Very few were able to escape and many died and did not survive. So many died at Auschwitz. Just at Auschwitz 1.1 million. 960,000 jewish people died, 74,000 poles, and 21,000 Romas. Jewish people were the main people Hitler wanted to blame. About half of the people sent to Auschwitz were jewish.


Auschwitz, Auschwitz,

   the death place of many of my ancestors,

      horrible and sad, it just made me mad.

        Many were killed and almost none survived.

    Disease, gas, and ovens all made for made for the unlucky                

       dozens who were gassed and then burned to their sad death.

          It is just so hard to imagine the life of living in a dungeon                      

              with few food to eat, and no water to drink when this truly   

              did  happen to innocent people with lives that were taken











Hi, my name is Eve, I am a survivor from Auschwitz. Now, Auschwitz was a concentration camp. It was not a day camp you would go to in the summer, it was a camp where you were killed and you worked all day. This is my schedule I HAD to follow everyday.


  • I woke up at 4am by a Soviet Soldier blowing his whistle

  • I would drink a cup of tea (breakfast)

  • Then there was roll call. Sometimes it took up to 3 hours, sometimes longer.

  • After it was time for labor, work. I worked for 5 hours

  • Then I would eat lunch after 5 hours, then work for another 6.

  • Next came dinner, just a piece of bread.

  • Then we were to be back in our barracks by 9pm and stay there until the morning

  • Finally we do this over and over again everyday.


Survivor, survivor my name is Jake Myer, and I survived the              

Auschwitz concentration camp. Taken away on day I would say was the

worst of my life. My brother was killed and my family was gone, that was not fun. I had no idea what to do,  I was pushed by a soldier to the

front of the camp, and they shaved my head, and took pictures of me front and back. I tried to run, but the soldier just gave me a wak. After that I

went and sat in my barrack until they called us for dinner, they gave me bread and said go to bed. They woke us up at 4am and our work

began. We worked until lunch, then worked some more. We finally went to bed with nothing besides bread that they fed us again.  This

happened every day until I said enough. I snuck out of that bunk and ran. I was so quiet no one could here me, I dug a hole and ran. I ran

forever until I found a home with friendly people to let me stay. The war was soon over and I found my family. That is my survivor story.




























Click here to watch Tessa & Joud's 9/11 newscast.


This video is important because it talks about the: Pentagon, and North and South Towers. Made by Tessa and Joud










Those two poems are important because they talk about the people who died in 9/11, and how tragic it was. Made by Joud


NEW:   Poems  

In a beautiful morning they appeared

a hijack happened

and most of the people disappeared

dieing happened day and night

the firefighters helped and died

people were stuck in the floor

they called and called but no one to rescue

they died while it was hot and hard to breath

until they died in fear






Diary Entary

Those three diary entaries, are important because they talk about how tragic it is, and how people lost their loved ones. Made by Joud

Dear Diary,                                                                                                   September/11/2001


It’s me, AGAIN, this is live, I mean I’m going to write what I see outside as usual. So this morning appears to be one of a kind, It’s really beautiful… Oh wow there is a plane just crashed into the North Tower… WHAT!!!!!! A PLANE JUST CRASHED INTO THE NORTH TOWER. I wish my only brother didn’t go to work today, I’ve got to go and see, I’ve got to call him. Oh dear, Oh dear, God please be with me.


Dear Diary,                                                                                                    September/11/2001


My brother didn’t answer the phone, I don’t know what’s wrong, I don’t think he died, because I watched the news for like a billion times, and I didn’t hear his name, Carlos Jones, I wish he’s fine, because if he’s not, my parent and I aren’t going to be able to breath again.


Dear Diary,                                                                                                    September/11/2001


The South Tower just got hit by a different plane, we realized that it was a hijack. My mom won’t stop crying, when I tell her everything is going to be ok, although I know that is not true, she replies, saying, “How is everything going to be ok while we don’t know if your brother is breathing or not; my oldest sister is in the South Tower right now, and I don’t know anything about her. And you, you might not complete your life and you’re just 12.” She scared me by saying that. But I held my tears, and went on trying to calm her down.




This story is important, because it's talking about the hijackers, and gives information about them. Made by Joud

Short Story

What is 9/11

9/11 is when a hijack happened on the U.S.A by A Saudi, Islam extremists, group called al-qaeda (al-qa-e-dah) on September 11th, 200. It started in a beautiful Tuesday morning, on 7:45 the North Tower was hit by a plane, people thought it was an accident but the truth is, it was a hijack. They realized that when a different plane hit the South Tower. As a start in a hijack, 3,000 people died, and over 400 firemen and policemen died. It have a sad part of the American history. That day is going to always be memorable. Poem writers, themselves can’t describe it, it is hard to describe, you needed to be in that same tragic day, you had to see how the Towers got crashed, you had to the jumpers and the brave firefighters, you had to see how people died that day, you had to feel the fear to understand it. It is hard to imagine, you had to be there. I don’t know what to say, it is hard to describe something you didn’t see… Except, it was a terrible day.




Describes how harsh, tragic, and sad the day was. Made by Joud
Screenshot 2015-05-14 at 2.19.41 PM.png


It talks about how Brave the FireFighters were. Made by Tessa and Joud


It talks about how people were afraid, and don't know what to do. Made by Tessa and Joud


                                                                                                     September 11, 2001


Dear sister,


Today is a very bad day, a plane has crashed into the North Tower just ten minutes ago!

Joud, and I got stuck in the rubble, but no one is hurt. Joud is having a panic attack, because she thought she heard a crashing noise, so I peaked through a tiny crack in the rubble, and saw that the South Tower has just been stuck by a different plane!! Please wish us luck!!


                                                                                             Sincerely, your sisters

                                                             (Tessa, and Joud)

P.S. please DO NOT tell mom, and dad, we do not want them to panic. We're going to come back soon.



East Chenango ave. 9405

Denver CO. 80111

September 10th, 2001


Dear sisters,

I am so sorry this is happening, I wish I was with you guys, and so does mom, oh by the way, mom found the letter under my bed, and read it, she was crying all night.  I told her not to tell dad because he is already stressed, but she told him, I am really sorry!!  Dad was right, I shouldn’t have left you guys in New York alone, this is all my fault!  But everything will be ok!!  I miss you, and hopefully I will see you soon!!!!!!


Sincerely, your sister





                        Manhattan Street

                        NY Manhattan, 5335 Manhattan Street Made by Joud


Dear, Shoug,


Today is a really bad day, there is dead people everywhere. The North and South Towers are on fire, there are jumpers from the North, it’s a hijack an appears we can’t survive it.

Noor and I wish we agreed to go with you to PennSylvania. We wish we never cared about that show. The problem is we knew they were going to reject us as usual. They already did.

We were packing up for this night to go to you guys. But it happened. We need you we are home alone. Bye.


With Love, Noor & Joud


P.S. Don’t tell our parents that we’re in danger, because they are settling next to us.










When I filmed my It's Hard with No Arms video above, all the things I did were extremely difficult. Everything from writing, to eating, to putting on clothes was all very challenging. I was just pretending to not have arms, but imagine the hardships and all the struggle that people without arms face. These people who do not have arms, have prosthetics.(Prosthetics are a replacement for a missing limb) Prosthetics are incredible things that have changed the world, but even with prosthetics it is still very hard getting used to using your brand new prosthetic and knowing the fact that you don’t have a real arm or leg. Physical therapy helps a lot with the getting used to your brand new prosthetic part, but overcoming the mental part were you know you don't have a real arm or leg is a lot harder. People who say, “It’s ok, even though I have a missing limb” are the ones who thrive and succeed in life no matter what obstacles they are faced with.






Video Script


Hello, we are here today with Daniel Stone, a recent amputee who lost his arm in battle in Iraq.

Hello sir how are you doing today.

Good how are you

Good as well, so if you don’t mind would you be willing to answer a few questions.

Of Course

  1. Many people in the world have lost certain limbs and have replaced them with prosthetics, how did you loose your arm and how were you affected by loosing your limb.

  2. This must be a very hard thing to overcome, how has your family helped along your journey coming back to your self after your injury.

  3. What did you loose when your injury occured.

  4. How was the process of rehabilitation an dgetting used to your prosthetics limb.

  5. Final question, could we see your limb and could you explain how it works.

Thank you for your time we appreciate you telling us about your tough momement.

Anytime Thank you.


Ty = Black 

Jacob = Red




Word Search












In the picture above it shows Herodotus, who was a prisoner trapped in sparton captors. Herodotus was one of the early names mentioned with prosthetics and he wanted to escape the spartan captors, so he cut off his leg to escape. Herodotus replaced his missing leg with a wooden leg (peg leg) and was able to continue to live his life. The story of Herodotus was one of the first encounters with prosthetics ever.


Something like this would not happen in present time. If someone cut off his or her leg to escape prison, their leg would not be replaced with a wooden leg, but a carbon fiber or a brain control leg, if the person was rich, but for people with less money, they would get a 3D printer prosthetic. 3D printed prosthetics are much cheaper than regular prosthetics. Also, now if you were to have a accident and lose a limb, you would get cared for and have treatment to help you improve like physical therapy. That would have never happened in the early years, because surgeons would only put on your prosthetic and no special treatment would be given to you.





Dancing With The Stars - Prosthetics


Dancing With The Stars Season 20 Week 4 - Noah Galloway & Sharna - Contemporary - DWTS 2015


Wow, what an incredible dance. Noah and Sharna were so in sync and the dance was full of emotion. It is incredible what Noah can do with only one arm and one leg, even though arms and legs are the main components of dancing. The song selection was beautiful, and the dance really told a story of representing america and being a soldier. All the movements of the dance were beautiful and smooth and silky. Over all, just a great performance, and you could obviously see at the end of the dance that Noah was very emotional.





Amy Purdy & Derek Hough - Freestyle - DWTS 18 Week 10 Dancing With The Stars


Incredible, just incredible! Amy and Derek were so beautiful, and the dance was very free flowing and inspirational. It was obvious that Amy was really into the dance, and she really showed passion in the her movements. The dance was so heart touching and fantastic. Derek did a stunning job with the choreography, and when Amy started spinning on the rope, it just gave the dance the finishing touch to send it into outer space. It was a breath taking dance and Amy and Derek both did a magnificent job. Stunning performance, just stunning!







Research Summary


     Many people lose their arms or legs, or any other limb in terrible accidents. These people without limbs have prosthetics, which are replacements for a missing limb. Prosthetics are incredible things that changed the world forever. Prosthetics were not just created with a wiggle of the ear, there are many components to prosthetics that nobody knows about.

     Many people lose their limbs, but to get back to your normal life is a lot harder than you think. Right after the amputation and the placement of the prosthetic limb, all amputees start physical therapy to get used to using your new prosthetic  limb. Also, in physical therapy you do everyday things with your prosthetic limb to simulate real life situations.In addition to getting used to using your new limb in physical therapy, people also make adjustments if the prosthetic limb is uncomfortable or feels abnormal.

     Prosthetics work in many different ways. In one type of prosthetic, suction and silicone creates a tight seal around the limb, while some of the most advanced prosthetic technology can be controlled by the brain by thinking of a movement and sending a message to your prosthetic. There are also prosthetics that have a strap around the waist to hold your prosthetic arm in place and there are even prosthetics controlled by sensors.

     The types of prosthetics have changed a lot overtime. At first, in the early ages, people would use peg legs and hand hooks to replace missing limbs, but now prosthetics are made with carbon fiber to make prosthetics lighter and stronger. Also, now it is very popular to make prosthetic limbs in a 3D printer, because the price of a 3D printer prosthetic is much cheaper than the traditional prosthetic limb.

     The surgical part of attaching prosthetic limbs have also changed a lot overtime. In many cases, you would first take a plaster cast of the patient's affected limb and then a light weight, high strength thermoplastic are custom formed to the plaster. These days, thanks to Ambroise Pare, a french surgeon,  ligatures are used to seal individual blood vessels and tourniquets to slow blood flow. Thankfully, we can now do procedures in more areas in the body than we could used to.

     Prosthetics were created for many reasons. The first appearance of prosthetics was when a greek diviner cut off his own leg to escape sparton captors, and he replaced his foot with a wooden leg. Also, Egyptians wore prosthetics for wholeness rather than function. In Capua, Italy knights had special prosthetics to hold shields.

     War has also affected prosthetics in many ways. In the Civil War and in World War I there was a large amount of amputees. All of the injuries that happened in wars helped doctors and surgeons to discover a lot about fixing the human body. Also, new types of prosthetics were formed because of war. Mississippi spent more than half of their yearly budget on getting 35,000 people new prosthetics.

     Use of prosthetics did not only allow people to replace their missing limb, but also allowed them to participate in activities. Paralympics allowed people with disabilities to thrive in sports and fitness. People with double amputees regularly win gold in the paralympics. Paralympics allows people with disabilities to be safe and participate in their sport at the same time. There are many of the same events in the paralympics as the regular olympics, but some equipment may be modified to do a paralympic event. The paralympics started when Britain held a competition for world war two veterans in sports, and after that the paralympics were formed. The paralympics have grown a lot over time.

Prosthetics are life changing things that will continue to improve and make many people happy and safe.



Prosthetics Poem


It all started off on a life changing day,

When a greek diviner tried to escape.

He cut off his legs to escape his shackles,

Replaced his leg with wooden prosthetics,

That happens a lot in battle.


Prosthetics now were a new evolution,

And for many people in the war it was a solution.

Prosthetics are a replacement for a missing limb,

They come in all sizes, large and thin.


Before prosthetics were invented,

Many people died because their missing limb was infected.

Now so much brand new prosthetic technology

Can help many people who are in need.


Without war, prosthetics wouldn’t have advanced,

And people with prosthetics would not be able to dance.

Now prosthetic technology is mind buggling,

You can even make prosthetics through 3D printing.


Prosthetics have changed the world forever,

The creator of prosthetics was very, very clever.


by Jacob 









Moving from Ohio

By Ginger      

     I could feel the plane move I looked around, everybody else on the plane was calm and tranquil, but I was  not. I was scared about our destination. I looked out my window, to get a glimpse of the buckeye trees for the last time.          
Once I felt like I was going to scream because I was on the hot, steamy  plane so long, I noticed that the seatbelt sign was on. Then I heard the captain tell us that we were going to land soon. I clenched my mom’s hand and turned to look out the window.  When I saw the reddish dry land, I knew we were there.   

     Once we got to our new plain, vacant house, I immediately felt a surge of sadness when I saw are new home and not our old.  The voice in my head said it would be O.K. but I didn’t listen.  

     The next day we were invited to a going away pool party for the people that lived in the house before us.  

     The next morning I woke up face to face with the yellow wall, that looked liked the inside of  tennis ball. Then I heard my mom shout

“Get ready we are going to the pool.” I was still and in the doldrums from the long plane ride. But I still got ready for the dreaded scary pool filled afternoon ahead.   

     When we arrived at the pool I saw the older kids playing in the deep end of the basic rectangle shaped pool, in the shallow end there were some kids my age, and in the baby pool there were a couple little kids. As I walked to the pool could smell the chlorine  and feel the hot balmy air on my face.  

     My mom told me I should play with the other kids but I clung to her hand, I was worried that they wouldn’t like me. Then they walked over to me and asked to play, I slowly let go of my mom’s hand and followed them. The next thing I knew, we were playing and splashing around in the water having a jaunty time.  When we got home I was sad it was over but happy because it happened.

     I often think back to when we moved from Ohio and I think that my next move will be different. I know that the next time I have to make new friends I will be ready and I will listen to the voice in my head because now I know it will be OK! 



The genre above is a Wooden award certificate I did this genre because Ed O'bannon won the Wooden award but then hurt his knee and did not have a good professional career so he went overseas for 5 years now he is a normal man that works at a toyota dealership and is a normal man that is suing the NCAA for their lack of support.


The genre above is a help wanted AD in the newspaper this shows that after athletes are injured they do not get a lot of support.



The genre above is a word search for  recap of the main vocab in this research project.



The genre above is a acrostic poem that tells the downfalls and good things about the NCAA and the athletes.





The genre above is a trading card that shows that athletes are kind of abandoned after they are hurt.


The genre above is a letter to someones dad about how hard it is to do well in class when you are a athlete.



The genre above are checks that go to coaches every month I did this genre because they are paid way to much by the NCAA.


Research Summary


     The NCAA portrays itself as a fair and transparent association but some of this is not true many people don’t know how or why they make their decision and it is unfair because they give their athletes any support after they get hurt.


The NCAA is a money-making association they make 11 billion dollars off of college sports and the coaches get paid millions of dollars while the players don’t get payed anything. The highest paid coach is Nick Saban he makes 7,160,187 dollars, 7,160,187 more than the 1st round NFL draft pick. and the same projam won the National Championship and their school makes the most money while some schools and coaches make no money and their team gets worse and worse. The average pay for coaches is 2.11 million dollars and the top paid assistant coach gets payed 1,369,500 some teams might not need an assistant coach. The NCAA makes 6 billion off of just the final four and the athletes that play in those games don’t see any of that and the money doesn’t go directly into the classrooms.


Players work 43.3 hours a week and the NCAA says that teams don’t have to provide health care. Kevin Ware an athlete who took the Louisville Cardinals to the elite eight transferred and is know playing at Georgia. He is not very smart so if no team picked him up he would not be working at a very good company.Also Wooden award winner Ed O’bannon hurt his knee and is a now a normal man working at a Toyota Dealership.


The NCAA calls the them student athletes but it's more like athlete students. The average athletes GPA is 1 full point behind the average GPA of a non-athlete and the football SAT score average is 220 points behind and basketballs SAT score average is 227 points behind. The NCAA also requires athletes to miss nationally televised games the NCAA tournament also disturbs 6 days of class. Also the 6 billion the NCAA makes off the final four does not go directly into the classrooms. If an athlete has a 4.0 GPA but does not perform on the court or the field it is most likely that they will lose their scholarship if 98% of  a coach's team graduates but he is not a very good coach he is also most likely fired too. Athletes that play football and basketball are usually the ones that do the worst on the SAT and there GPA.


College sports have grown up a lot players aren’t really amateurs any more. “ I find it hard to beleive an ameteur league would have 100,000 seat staduims, multi millionaire donors , massive recruiting budgets, and their own video games. There’s nothing ameteur about that.” Also coaches get paid millions of dollars the NCAA also makes lots of money and athletes work 43.3 hours a week. These are the reasons that athletes should be paid or at least have to provide health care.



Players Bill of Rights


The freedom of speech on social media.


The right to have health care.


The right to get paid a fair amount of money.


The freedom not to miss as much class time.


The right for coaches to get paid a fair amount of money.


The right for athletes to receive a good education.


The right not to lose their scholarship if they have a bad season.

The right not to have 43.3 hours of practice a week.


The right to not have scholarship money taken to find a new head coach.


The right of equal distribution of money to players, conferences, and teams.



The genre above is the Player Bill of right these are the things that I think athletes should be guaranteed by the NCAA. 




Life in China  


Just think this would have been my life if I were still in China  

Amber’s parents have a big schedule


Amber has a dad and mom  that lived in China and she helped me get a little more information. Amber got a schedule from her dad and mom. For Elementary schools her parents had to wake up at 6:00 am. 7:00-8:00 am they had a early morning session. From 8:00-9:00 am they had a 1 hour break.  9:15am-12:00pm they had a morning session. In the afternoon they would have 3 more classes and they would start at 2:00pm, so before then they would have to be at school. Their classes ended at 5:00pm. Then it was time to go home, and do their homework. From what Amber said her parents had a lot of homework. Their day seems so long, and that was only Elementary school. Middle school just like high school, and I bet they had a lot of homework. High school, 6:30 they would wake up, that's 30 minutes later than in elementary, What’s up with that, that includes breakfast. Morning session started at 7:30 and went to an hour, so until 8:30 am. Then they had a 30 minute break, hey thats 30 minutes less than in elementary. They had 3 forty five minute classes and a ten minute break in between. 12:00 is lunch time, they even get a nap, what the what. All of that fun ends at 2:00. After they have 4 more classes and they run from 2:00- 5:30. Then they would have dinner and have to go back to school. 7:00-9:00 was their evening session. Finally at 9:30 at night they would get a chance to sleep.

That seems like a lot of work, but they get lots out of it.




Life in China 

By Grace DC #9  


    I was once a baby in China, and I was adopted. As I grew up my mom would tell me about China and what it used to be like. My mom had a story that she would tell me over and over again. When I got to the age I am today the story of when I was younger in China was the only story I wanted to know and hear about.Now I am in Belleview Elementary, and we are doing research on a project of our choice. I wanted to learn more about China now that I am older. So that was it, my project on China.


    The first thing I wanted to know about was the animals that were in China. There are thirteen animals or at least those are the main animals. The animals are the giant panda, they are an endangered species that eat bamboo, they are considered a national treasure.The second animal is the siberian tiger, also an endangered species, it is China’s top predator. The third animal is a golden monkey, an endangered species that is also a national treasure. The fourth animal is a red panda, it was an endangered animal and now is very vulnerable. The fifth animal is a chinese alligator,it is a little smaller than the regular alligator, it is critically endangered. The sixths animal is a red crowned crane and it is a sign of longevity in China.The seventh animal is a baiji also know as a river dolphin that is found in freshwater, they could possibly be instinct. The eight animal is a pink dolphin, they are endangered species that is Hong Kong's mascot from the handover to China. The ninth animal is a Chinese Sturgeon, the sturgeon is also a national treasure.http://www.china-family-adventure.com/wildlife-in-china.html the site said that  the sturgeon has been around since the prehistorics (the dinosaurs). They are critically extinct. The tenth animal is the Bactrian Camel, the same site says that they are used for transportation. The eleventh animals is a Tibetan Antelope, it doesn’t have much written about it. The twelfth animals is a Yak, also used for transportation, meat and sometimes milk. The last animal is an Chinese Pheasant ,a symbol that means good fortune and beauty. For plants there are the bamboo stalks , Plum blossoms, Peony, Lotus, Rhododendron, Camellia, Chrysanthemum, Orchid, and Ginseng root.


China must go to the olympics, and the do. They have four animal mascots and one element, they each have a Chinese name. The animals are a fish that is blue and it is called BeiBei. A panda that are the actual colors of a panda, the name is JingJing. A tibetan antelope the coloring is yellow and the name is YingYing.Then there is a swallow the coloring is green and the name is Nini. Those are the animals. Finally the element, that is an olympic flame and of course that is red just like a real flame, and the name of the flame is HuanHuan. They have very cool mascots for the olympics.


What else do the Chinese citizens do? Well they do honor their own flag. Well then what does the flag they honor stand for?  So there are five stars and a red backround. Yes, you are still probably wondering what does the flag mean. Ok, here we go, the red background stands for the blood of the those who died in the civil war and japanese. Now the Stars. The big one stands for the Communist party. Well, What about the four small stars? They stand for the four different classes of society. That does seem like they would honor.


Is that what I would honor? Would I cheer for those mascots? Would I love the animals and plants? Well from the information It looks like I would. If I were there I probably wouldn’t have a problem in that. All that seems pretty cool. Now China doesn't seem to different, and that is good because then I would not be missing out on much.



Trading Card for Panda's









Answer key








     Audrey Hepburn, an actress and philanthropist, was born Audrey Kathleen Hepburn-Ruston, 1929, in Belgium. Her life started from a child in World War Two, settled to being a hollywood star, and ended with her promising effort to help the less fortunate. She died in 1993 with a case of colon cancer.




     As a child, Audrey experienced many devastating moments, which inspired her in her later life to become a humanitarian. Nazis were taking over Europe and killing many innocent people. She and her family moved to the Netherlands, her mother thinking it would be safer. During German occupation, Hepburn danced ballet, she even carried secret messages in her ballet shoes. But towards the end of the war, the monsters reached the Netherlands. Occupation became extremingly harsh, the Nazis let the Dutch starve of freeze to death, Audrey suffered from malnutrition, anaemia (shortage of red blood cells), respitory problems, and edema (swelling of limbs) during those hard times. She saw her uncle and mother’s cousin being executed on the street, Jewish children being clustered in cattle trucks for escape, and one of her brothers was sent to a labor camp.” I can testify what UNICEF means to children, because I was among those who received food and medical relief right after World War II.” ---Audrey Hepburn


     After the war, Audrey continued to practice ballet, she was very talented, but couldn't become a ballerina due to her height and malnutrition, so with some encouragement, she became an actress. It started when she was spotted modeling, Hepburn was chosen to play in the Broadway version of Gigi, based on a novel written by French author Collete. After the play came out, reporters stated that Audrey was wanted badly by Hollywood. The actress won many awards soon after that.


     Audrey Hepburn was very famous and loved for many reasons, like how she was a gorgeous, elegant, passionate, kind, and caring. She was also an idol to many. Audrey was also famous because she won Emmy, Tony, Grammy, and Academy Awards, very few actresses have won all of them. People also loved Hepburn for her work as the goodwill ambassador of UNICEF. Audrey would go around the world to help people, and raise awareness for kids in need.


     As a conclusion, Audrey Hepburn was a very important person and did many worthy things. She was inspired to become an actress and philanthropist, because of events in her early life, and encouragement from people. With all of Audrey Hepburn’s accomplishments, she is a very important woman.


Summary of Audrey's life.






                                                       This genre shows an advertisement for Sabrina, which is a film Audrey Hepburn starred in.







                              This genre shows a diary entry written by Audrey Hepburn, about how she thinks about herself.










 This shows a letter from Audrey Hepburn to her first son Sean Ferrer during her years working with UNICEF, Sean later started the Audrey Hepburn Children's Fund








This genre shows a picture of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's, it also shows quotes to express Hepburn's thoughts.















This genre shows most of the events that happened in Audrey Hepburn's life.


Any laugh will light up my day

UNICEF is where I help those in need

Died January 20th, 1993

Really special in everyone’s eye

Elegance from years of ballet

Your actress of the century


Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Endearing to everything

Pretty, glamourous is how people describe me

Born May 4th 1929

Unanimously humourous

Really talented and special

Never selfish, always helping others


I’m Audrey Hepburn

This genre is an acrostic poem that shows words describing Audrey Hepburn.






Audrey Hepburn

I grew up in World War Two

Surviving it with tulip bulbs

Soon hardships became the past

I met the writer Collete

I was an actress in Broadway’s Gigi

I soon became a Hollywood star

Starring in Roman Holiday, Sabrina, and Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Easing with fitting roles

Breakfast at Tiffany’s made me an idol

Two sons and husbands were my relationships

Many films, movies I starred in

But, UNICEF was where I belonged

Helping other was my strong point, not just beauty, elegance, and grace

I had the heart for many other things

Memories of war captured me

I wasn’t going to let more people feel what I felt

I died of appendicial cancer

This was my journey of life

I was Audrey Hepburn


This genre shows events of Audrey Hepburn's life through a poem.







Reporter: How do you remember your life as a child?


Audrey Hepburn: Well it started out nicely. I would always play with my brothers, I was a tomboy. I Ioved to dance ballet. But then, war came. My father believed that the Nazis were doing a good thing, my mother on the other hand thought that the Nazis were evil monsters. On minute they were nice, the next minute all of your joy is gone. I’ve seen so many people being executed. My loving brother was sent to one of the germans labor camps, it was more like a death camp, where you work and work until the Nazis feel like killing you.


Reporter: Wow, that must have been terrible. Now what inspired you to become an actress.


Audrey Hepburn: I was just modeling one day, when I was spotted by French author Collete, who wanted me to star in the film, based on her novel, Gigi. That was when my acting career took off.


Reporter: Why didn’t you become a ballerina?


Audrey Hepburn: I was very talented at ballet, but during the war, I suffered from malnutrition, Which made me unable to become a great ballet dancer.


Reporter: Ok, I see. So you are now a philanthropist.


Audrey Hepburn: Yes.


Reporter: What inspired you to become a philanthropist, I mean going from actress to philanthropist is a big jump! (Laugh)


Audrey Hepburn: (Laugh) Yeah, I see what your talking about, but remember what I suffered from the war? All of these experiences wanted me to say that I never wanted to see it again. Everywhere, there is a place on Earth where people are still experiencing things like World War Two. Terrorists in the Middle East, hunger in Asia, a lack of money in some of South America, and we americans are living a life that those people dream of. We have a family, food, education, basically everything they don’t have. I want everyone to be happy, and live a fearless life. I know how living in a poor place is like, because I was once in the torn feeling of depression, so now I want to help others.


Reporter: You must be very happy to have accomplished so much! Let’s give a round of applause for Audrey Hepburn!


This is an interview with Audrey Hepburn, where the reporter asks her questions about her life.










                                             The Denver Post       0.25 





British actress, Audrey Hepburn, has wowed audiences in  New York, so why not Hollywood. People that have viewed Hepburn’s amazing acting skills say that she is perfect for Hollywood, because she is slim, graceful, young, and most of all, she expresses the character like it’s her own.

“Audrey Hepburn is a new beauty in America,” says news reporter Jamie Staulls, “ She is on the top wanted list in Hollywood. Although all of this is true, the big question is, will Audrey Hepburn join Hollywood?

According to many people, Audrey will join Hollywood. The new film, Roman Holiday, which is coming out in 1953, has caught the attention of the young superstar, and Hollywood is gradually pulling her in. But, things can always change….. Stay tuned to wait until Audrey Hepburn decides.

        -- Alice Turner 




Audrey Hepburn in Broadway, 1951


Coco Chanel - Mini Biography


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This is the front page of a newspaper, about Audrey Hepburn willing to join Hollywood.




Audrey Hepburn, an actress and philanthropist, was born Audrey Kathleen Hepburn-Ruston, 1929, in Belgium. Her life started from a child in World War Two, settled to being a hollywood star, and ended with her promising effort to help the less fortunate. She died in 1993 with a case of colon cancer.





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This is my bibliography


















A Belly-Full of Vegas

by Amber


     Over freeways, traffic, and gorges my family and I drove until we reached Las Vegas,our first stop. Little did I know that this would be the worst visit of my life…


     Cough! Cough! Cigarettes let out horrid tobacco air! Ewww! I hate smoking! My dad’s shirt smells a lot better! I held my breath, gasping for air every minute. I want to go home! By now I would be swimming with my buddies! But, my stomach said no. I had to eat dinner.


     “This way,” a happy waitress said, I wondered how could she work here everyday! Is she insane! Does she help those lazy gamblers, who are too tired and optimistic about winning, to make their own money? A bolt of eagerness shot through me, hmmmmmmm.


     As we trampled through the crowded, musty restaurant, the first thing that caught my eye was….The all you can buffet! Quivering slices of meat trickled with gravy. Daintily fried dumplings patiently waited for someone, like me, to gobble them whole, and delicate cakes looked sinister and spicy.


     I shook my head , and told myself and that I shouldn’t let my eyes get bigger than my stomach, but I did. Soon, plump handmade noodles encircled my plate, Mexico’s thick beef tacos just belonged in my wailing stomach, mashed potatoes glistened with juicy brown gravy, and one colossal scoop of ice cream was devoured. Puff! I can’t get up!


     Slowly, I trudged, clutching my stomach. I probably gained ten pounds! Now I am colossal! Oof! I slumped onto onto our fluffy, snow white hotel bed, and fell asleep. I’ll never eat that much again!




This is an add of what Mickey Mouse use to be like when he came out. 






Here are some song lyrics about Walt's life short with a fun tune.







This is Fantashia one of Walt's short films







Travel Booklet

This wonderful place is where people can be themselves and be out of the ordinary and nobody cares. This place is home to the great and wondrous Walt Disney. Have Welcome to DisneyLand!! in Disneyland, Anaheim


DisneyLand is happy place with rides and even fun shows. We even have fast paces if you are tired of waiting in line. Also we have great and fun Birthday party for that special person or a nice place to have dinner. We even have one places inside a ride. 

We have some nice pins if you are interested even if you don't like pins we almost know you'll love them. You can trade your pins or keep them for looks. We have stands all around the park and inside our hotels and shops for trading.

DisneyLand is a place of fun and every day something new is added. We hope to see you soon at the place of 


To find more information go to our website.Large (685 × 1024)


This a travel booklet for DisneyLand today and make by Walt if he was alive






Date,1971 five years after Walt died

Dear, Roy

You and I know that our father abused us and our siblings.You helped me when mom died and encouraged me. You made most of my life possible. You might not gave me money for DisneyLand but you came through and helped a bunch. If I was still alive I would be running DisneyLand but I am gone. I know you are taking care of DisneyLand. You made my life possible and without you I would have never made it. Thank You.

From your younger Brother,

Walt Disney

P.S Here is some pics of my dream of future DisneyLand



                                                                   This is what Walt would have said 5 years after he died.


 Walt The Dreamer

Walt the Dreamer was the man who completed us. Without him we would have no mind or imagination. I am a curious child and I wanted to learn about this man, and I been asked to show and teach you about this.


Walt was a man of good but his father not so much… His father abused all of his children  including. Walt has 4 brothers and 1 sister and it could be hard to manage sometimes. HIs mother was nothing like her husband she encouraged the children to what they love. She encouraged Walt to draw and soon that led to selling picture of animations to the neighbors. Later a tragedy happened and Walt’s mother died so he had to live with his horrid father. WIthout Walt’s integrity we would be hopeless.


Walt had not always has been a cartoonist. In World War 1 he drove an ambulance, he left the war early thought to go and follow his dream. Walt found a job at Robin artstudio. When he felt like he was confident and he set off to work at Universal the biggest producers in America. Later he didn’t like how the company worked so he made his own business.


When Walt still worked for Universal Studio he came with a marvelous idea. It was going to be Walt’s big idea. He would call him Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Walt would have used him for hi sown cartoons but he signed him of with Universal so it wasn't his. So when Walt made his own company he made his star Mickey Mouse. Walt’s wife Lillian helped with the name it all started when Walt told Lillian about his creation Mortimer Mouse. Then Lillian said the name was too fancy and suggested Mickey Mouse.

Some of Walt’s most famous cartoon’s were Bambi, Dumbo, Mary Poppins, Mickey Mouse, Snow White and Pinocchio. Walt made 21 full animated films (movies). Walt made 493 short films (Shows). 47 live-film (live and not cartoons).


Some of the history of behind DisneyLand (DL) is complicated. DL cost $17 million and his brother Roy who helped Walt out a lot did not want to help pay for DL, but American Broadcasting Company gave him money which made Roy want to help. Later DL opened in 1955. 700 million people came oping day including Kings, Queens, and even presidents. Some of the rides that did not make it where the Great Muppet Movie ride, Museum of Weird, The Enchanted Snow Palace, Beastly Kingdom, and Hotel Mel.


Walt was a man of mind he makes the people of America love the gift of imagination and he encourages kids and adults. Without Walt Eriac Disney our world would be bare.


This is a word for his life instead of a tune. 









Report on Walt The Dreamer

Hello and welcome back to our Kids News Program. Today we have a special guest Walt Disney!!!

So Walt When you were little you a happy young man?

Soc: I was happy but my father abused all my family except my mother who was a very nice young lady, but soon died.

How awful. So Walt heres another question when you were little were you interested in cartoons?

Soc: When I was little I loves making cartoons and selling them to the neighbors and make some money for the family. Most people find this interesting but my first job was not a cartoonist.

Walt what was your first job?

Soc: I was an ambulance driver in World War 1 but left before the war was over to go and work for Universal Studios.

Did you make any big hits you wish where for Disney but signed off with Universal Studio?

Soc: There's one character named Oswald the Lucky Rabbit he was my big hit , but I am happy I did sign him off with Universal Studio in a way or I might have not made Mickey Mouse.

Wow. So Walt when you made DisneyLand did you have any rides you wish where there?

Soc: There is one ride called Hotel Mel and it was going to the big attraction and after we built the building for it we were told that we could not do it, so we made into the drop from in the elevators.

These are all amazing things but we have just run out of time. So we will see you all later on Kids News Program

This is an interview with Walt Disney about our modern DisneyLand 






Cheley Colorado Camps

    by Kendall   


      Erk! The bus went to a complete stop. We all grabbed our bags and out the bus we went, to our lovely camping site. we walked which felt like forever. When we finally got their A MAN WAS AT OUR CAMPING SITE!!!!!! When we overheard our consular thanking him for the stay it turned out he owned it. I felt much better, but he looked very odd. He looked and stood as though he was a steachue.The strange man said “Hello and welcome to the one and only RockStock the campsite you will be stay at for the next few days. I’m the owner of RockStock and my name is Harry.” We looked around the camps ground……. IT WAS AMAZING!!!


     A tree house, a swing over the river, and a porta potty. Harry told us that up the rocky road there was an abandoned German house which the yard was the perfect place to play games. Harry told us to leave our stuff. Harry handed us 5 rope, 3 tarps [ which were not waterproof]  1 long rope, and our stuff. Harry said “ You will make your shelter out of the things i gave to you. Follow me to where you will be setting up your shelter.” We stayed close behind him. We ended up at a flat area with lots of trees to tie our ropes too. Harry told us that we were to bring all our stuff over to where we were so we could start construction on our tarps.


     [1 day later] “Rain Rain go away, come again another day.” We all chanted. It had been pouring for hours and it would not quit. All of our stuff was soaking wet, sleeping bags were freezing cold, and were soaking wet on top of it all. All we could do was sit in our non waterproof tarps and talk or do something that we brought. Meanwhile in our tarp we talked about camp


     That night it DIDN'T rain. One girl from another tarp rolled out of her tarp and almost fell into the river, she rolled out of her tarp because her tarp was so small barely 4 people could sit in it, she also rolled out because she was very comfortable. In the morning the girl woke up because it was raining. Harry told us to stay in our non waterproof tarps. On girl in my tarp named Natalie told us spooky story. [Natalie and I have been friends since we were born.] Natalie told us a story which was a hour long. It took all of our time in the tarp.


     It was finally time to eat, but it was still raining. Harry told us why he made us stay in our tarps because a girl looked like she took a hour long shower. We all ate a good breakfast for a rainy day. CHOCOLATE CHIP PANCAKES!!!!!!! After that Harry gave us some string to play with. It was still raining!!!! We all got sent to our tarps and Natalie told us another spooky story. After a while when it was only sprinkling outside Harry asked us if we wanted to go to the German house up the road. We all wanted to get out of our soaking wet tarps so we all agreed. We went up for 30 minutes, and it started to rain again. So we went back to our soaking wet tarps before lunch.


     I was under my sleeping bag because my sleeping bag was waterproof. Natalie told us about her weird dream when a cat ate all the cheesecakes in the world and a dog that popped all the bubbles in the world. Harry called us in for lunch and it was still raining outside. We all ate a warming meal. While we were eating Harry told us “If it is still raining out you can sleep in here.” The food area was a place with a roof with no wall. After we ate we all knew the drill, we headed to our tarps.


     When it was time for dinner we ate a marvelous meal of mac and cheese. We did our daily chores, cleaning, putting out the fire, and the people who cooked sat next to the flaming fire keeping warm and also that wet. Once we all finished we ran back to the tarps and grabbed our soaking wet stuff and made our way to the food area, and when we got there we all grabbed a spot. The only downsides were that the walls where the wild and the roof was made of metal, it sounded like cats on the roof.


     The next morning it was still raining. We all started to pack our things up because the nice warm bus was going to arrive soon. We had bacon and eggs that were cold that rainy morning. We sang songs. soon a big bus out of the blue. We all thanked Harry. We put our stuff on the bus,we got on. The bus began to move and soon RockStock vanished. When we got back to camp we were all happy to have a real shelter, because it was still raining.



Ben and Me



The time lived for Benjamin Franklin. When he lived he was amazingly smart, at least that what people think. A mouse named Amos was more than half of his thoughts. And he lived in Ben’s hat. the book Ben and Me is a mouse tale. As the Mr. Robert Lawson [ the author] said “Once you’ve met Amos and read his account, you’ll never think of Ben Franklin or American history in quite the same way.”

This wonderful book starts out with Amos the mouse leaving all 25 brothers and one sister. Amos the oldest and the beginning of the alphabeat all of 26 mice, had a name from Amos to Zenas the youngest. He found he was old enouh to leave and live in his own home.It was the Hard Winter of 1745. He came across a home that seem nice and headed inside. He tired and hungry, he found some old bread and CHEESE! Once he was fed he headed up the stairs. There were two rooms, one dark and a loud snoring sound,and in the other was a man writing and sneezing. Every time he sneezed his glasses fell of and every time he had found them and put them on, he sneezed again. He chose the man sneezing and curled up and slept. When he woke the sneezing man was talking to him. It was the great Benjamin Franklin.Once Amos had been awake for a while he noticed how cold it was even though the fire was burning. And then they had their first invention together. It was called the Franklin Stove.

The 2 main problems in the story was the kite and Sophia the mouse. The Kite was Amos’s least favorite. Ben wanted to do an experiment with electricity so he put a rod on kite and made a basket big enough for Amos to lie down or sit. Every afternoon he would fly the kite and nap, and Amos napped in his basket.  But one day he awoke a nap and the sky was dark gray and thunder and lightning. Amos pulled on the string of the kite but nothing happend. It started to rain and then BOOM!!!!! The lightning had struck the kite and Amos had seen electricity and he got shocked so many times he couldn't count. When the kite was brought down to the ground Ben was in cover underneath a shed. He asked Amos if he had seen electricity. Amos nod his head yes and did not talk to Ben. Finally they made a contract that said no experiment with electricity.

The biggest problem is Sophia the mouse. Sophia lived in France at a court and her husband in America and her children trapped underneath the queen's throne. Her wish was to bring back the family and live in America. Amos was so sure of himself he said I will help you get your children back and take you to America. Sophia was so excited. When the night came he gathered up all the mice and rats in the town who could fight. When the party had begun the animals came out from everywhere and went for the throne and got the the children. But Ben became an outcast and went home to America. When Amos and Sophia arrived they found Sophia’s husband.

In the end… After Ben and Amos journey from France a huge celebration went on. It was a welcome home party and all 26 brothers and 1 sister came and. Sophia and her family came too and they became neighbors with Amos. And some of Ben’s friends came too. The whole town came. And soon it was Ben’s birthday and Amos wanted to get Ben something special this year. So he got the nicest hat in town. He invited Sophia and her family, Red, and again his family. When they gave Ben the hat he seemed happy and sad. “Amos” said Ben “This hat you can’t fit in.” “Ben you are a grown man you can handle yourself” said Amos. Ben smiled and he took of that old hat and put on the new hat he got from Amos. And he wore it proudly around town.

There are 4 characters that are important but only one is the most important. The 3 other characters are Red, Sophia, and Ben. But the most important is Amos the mouse. He is the reason that Ben got all these opportunity to do some thing that he couldn't do alone. Amos is that funny character and classic. Also another reason he is the most important character is because Amos is Ben’s mind and he is the purpose of pretty much the whole book. Also 1 last reason if you took Amos out of the book there would be no book.

My favorite part of the book is the kite because of many reasons but here are two. The first reason is that they had a contract that said that there would be no more experiments with electricity, and Ben still did  experiments with electricity and Amos didn’t even see it coming. The other reason is when it was nice and sunny and when Amos woke up from his nap it was a big storm and Amos would tug on the rope but nothing happend. And after the when Ben pulled down the kite his words where “Was it, Amos? Was it electricity? WAS it?” And


that made him angry no are you ok or does that burn hurt, and can I help it.

Robert Lawson is one of my favorite authors ever. When I read Mr.Revere and I, I just had to read Ben and Me. I loved all the people (and animals) in this story. If I Kendall Castledine ever write a book I want to write like Mr. Lawson. I think another reason I read Ben and Me was because of Mr. Torrance. This report was written over 5 day and due on Tuesday, April 28. I hope Mr. Lawson keep writing books like this one!  























The All American Girl Professional Baseball League

by Lexie Casey




     The AAGPBL started in 1943 and ended in 1954. This was all because of  world war 2. All of the men over the age of 18 had to go to war so, no men played baseball. Also because the men were gone their wives would take their husband's old place. Most say that it was done for entertainment, like the old men they are too old for war and baseball, so instead they watch it. (which would be women baseball)


            Philip K. Wrigley the owner of the Chicago Clubs and founded the first ever pro all american girl baseball team. Well it stated as softball but, quickly grew to be baseball. It stopped because of money, in 1951 only 8 teams played and then in 1953 only 5 teams. When the men came back from war they played too but there was not enough money for both teams. So the women league had to drop.

           Many people felt different about the league and here is why. Well the men came to watch their beauty or just to see the game. These women were not just dressed but, they had make up, dress which started as bummers and with hair done. People really wanted to see dolls play baseball. Women were not taken serious by men but like dolls. it was not until 1937 that they got better, then they were taken seriously. By then 1948 they had millions of paying fans.


             The rules were bended in the women’s league. It was a combination of fast-pitch softball and baseball. To 1943-1945 was underhand and 1947 was sidearm. Instead of ten players it was nine players on the field. The runners could lead off, steal bases, and slide just like men.


            The big stars were, The All Star Team won champion in 1943 the first year, Kenosha Comets, Racine Belles, Rockford Peaches, and South Bend Blue Sox. From 1943-1952 the The All Star Team and the Rockford Peaches were the best teams. There are a lot of small teams that travel state or college teams .


      They made a lot of accomplishments but, the sad thing is that the AAGPBL is often forgotten about. It helped 600 women go pro just because Wrigley brought the game out of the darkness. It was not always used as a sport but, comfort. It helped when someone you love went off to war, you can have baseball to keep you happy.



    The name of each team came from the city it was from and then a word or two in the back, like the Rockford, illinois was the place it was from and then the word Peaches at the back. To make the name The Rockford Peaches.

  It started as underhand softball then got to overhand baseball as soon as they got good at softball.

 In Lompoc, CA puts on a ‘’power puff’’ each year to bring back the AAGPBL. And some of the women played





Interview with Casey


Q: Do you think that men baseball is different than women’s

A: ''Yes and quite a lot, It is different game because the bases are bigger the ball everything is bigger. Also it is a way faster game.''


Q: Does the longer you play affect the better you are? And how?

A: ''yeah, you practice more, and you get more competitive and when you strike out you are still happy and want to try again.''


Q: How long have you played?

A:  4,5 years


Q: Do you choose your position?

A: ''yes, you change position every year, I am in two positions right now Shortstop and First base.''


Q: How would you feel if you help start the All American Girl Pro Baseball League?

A: ''Good about myself, proud, and  it got me to where I am today. So I am thankful for that league.''















                                                          Rafael Nadal  


                                                     By Matt


Rafael Nadal had a interesting life. He is a great tennis player! someday I wish to be like a great tennis player like him. Im a BIG fan of the exciting sport called Tennis. If you don’t know what Tennis is, well GET TO THE PROGRAM but there is lots of ways to explain Tennis. Tennis is not exactly a game. Its a competitive, sweaty, and it’s a HARD GAME. Rafael Nadal conquered it and had became a great tennis player. Now that’s called Grit


He didn’t start out liking Tennis. He used to be a pretty good football (soccer) player. His Uncle, Uncle Toni wanted him to play the not so well known sport called Tennis. In the past Tennis was not really a popular sport. Uncle Toni saw an aptitude for Tennis in Rafael Nadal.


When Rafael Nadal was 8 Years Old, HE WON THE UNDER 12 REGIONAL TOURNAMENT. I only won my first Under 12 when i was 10 years old. He won it when he was 8!! and then he started losing. He was getting frustrated so Uncle Toni stepped up his training. He turned professional at 15!!


When Rafael Nadal was 15, he won ATP world tour!!!!!  He almost lost match and that match was 3 HOURS!!!! thats calledGrit! When I play a match, I usually finish off my opponent in 1 hour or 1 hour and a half but my gosh thats a long match. 3 HOURS!!


Rafael Nadal has an interesting life. as I said at the beginning. Now I have told you about Rafael Nadal’s life. I wish someday I could have the skills like him like the footwork, shot tolerance, and agility. Man, thats a lot of skills!




Click here to watch Tessa & Joud's 9/11 newscast.



                                                                                                     Manhattan, NY

                                                                                                     September 11, 2001


Dear sister,


Today is a very bad day, a plane has crashed into the North Tower just ten minutes ago!

Joud, and I got stuck in the rubble, but no one is hurt. Joud is having a panic attack, because she thought she heard a crashing noise, so I peaked through a tiny crack in the rubble, and saw that the South Tower has just been stuck by a different plane!! Please wish us luck!!


                                                                                             Sincerely, your sisters

                                                             (Tessa, and Joud)

P.S. please DO NOT tell mom, and dad, we don’t want the to panic. When we get home we will tell them.



East Chenango ave. 9405

Denver CO. 80111

September 15th, 2001


Dear sisters,

I am so sorry this is happening, I wish I was with you guys, and so does mom, oh by the way mom knows, she found the letter under my bed, and read it, she was crying all night.  I told her not to tell dad because he is already stressed out, but she told him, I am really sorry!!  Dad was right, I shouldn’t have left you guys in New York alone, this is all my fault!  But everything will be ok!!  I miss you, and hopefully I will see you soon!!!!!!


Sincerely, your sister





Screenshot 2015-05-12 at 2.10.58 PM.png 


Here is where I got all this information



Written by Tessa and Joud



I can’t describe that day

I am angrysad, and mad

it makes me feel this way


       it brings my eyes tears

       it’s hard, harsh, and tragic

this is one of my fears


      the worst day ever

            it was so horrible

I’ll remember this day forever



The People

                                                    Written by Tessa

The brave firefighters who lost their lives

The courageous jumpers who wanted to live

The poor souls that burned to death

The people that live today….


We Will NEVER Forget




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When I Got My New Dog

by Ty


One regular Christmas eve day I was helping my mom put the tree together and my mom told me to turn around. So I did and i said “ Why do you want me to turn around” my mom said “ what do you think you got for Christmas eve Ty” A xbox,a wii,a new pair of shoes. Turn back around and see so i did that to when i turned around i saw a little black dog at  my legs. At the time my sister was at her friends house across the street. So i ran over there and grabbed her and said come home NOW! when

Now Mojo acts way different then he use to a long time ago when he was a little puppy. she got home she saw a little new black dog she said “I CAN NOT BELIEVE WE GOT A DOG!” my mom said yah TayTay.


          The next day we all sat around in the living playing with Mojo the whole Christmas day. After a while my mom was like if you are having so much fun with him take him to the park and let him of his leash and chase him around. So me and my brothers and sisters took off to the park. Mojo was so hyper when he saw a different dog at the park. We let him play with the dog for a little while then we took his leash and we played a lot and Mojo spotted another dog while Mojo was off his leash so Mojo started running so we had to run after him.


       When we got home Mojo was tired so he laid down in his soft green bed and took a nap. After a while Mojo was dead asleep but, he was not in his bed he was in my lap. So i did not want to move him but i did because my friends were here to see him. When he heard the doorbell he sprung up like a bolt and started to bark. When he saw my friends. He sniffed them and started jumping on them. After a while while he took another nap but this one was a short nap but that night he stayed up all staring out the window and barking all night.










     ISHI …….Have you ever thought about being the last of your Indian tribe.  I just read a book called Ishi and he was the last of his tribe yahi tribe. Ishi was a really understanding guy. The book Ishi was a really challenging book for me. Say if you were looking for a easy book you should not choose the book Ishi. Ishi has many brothers and sisters he has close to five or six brothers and sisters.

The book started out not that fast or that slow so like a medium speed. The book started like this…. Ishi one day went up to black rock his like favorite rock then he saw the saldu he hid behind the rock. Some of his enemies were the saldu but also he  {Ishi}  had some friends in the saldu tribe.

In the middle is where it gets interesting. In the middle of the book there is a cave called green cave. To ishi and his brothers and sisters Green Cave is a “scary” place only because he saw Elder Uncle basically dad of ishi bury the bones of the ancestors of the yahi tribe in Green Cave. Ishi said that “ The bones of many lie under the earth of Green Cave.” The thing Ishi hates about the saldu is that the hunt on Ishi’s upper meadow when they have there own land and dear so that is mostly  why ishi hates the saldu. saldu throw away treasure {treasure to ishi is not to the saldu}. There are many tribes there is the Watgurwa the Saldu the Wanshi and Ishi’s the Yahi. There are two people named Jubka and Kaltsuna are fishing in outer ocean. During the days ishi is learning to stay up all night and not eat for a long time. Jubka and Kaltsuna are the makers of the arrows ishi and brothers and sisters shoot from there bows. It tells you on page 38 that the saldu are enemies of the yahi tribe. Saldu are and have been looking for ishi with dogs but the dogs can’t pick up ishi’s scent so ishi hid in the Gorge of Yuna Canyon. On page 77 something has a picture of ishi’s journey {{{{{MAP}}}}}

     At the end of the book If you were wondering who the five moons were you would find out on page 119. One day ishi found some blue and white beads what he considers treasure they are very special to him. Something very bad happens Ishi’s mother dies. Ishi’s carried her to ancestor cave and made a cleansing funeral fire after which he buried her with her few treasures, her digging stick and a basket of acorn meal. Ishi thinks it is time to go his father but, ishi does not really have a father. “While my soul wondered, those lost ones have been calling me.” As ishi was running higher and higher up the mountain calling, praying, and crying.

     There are many characters. Grandfather the tribe leader of the Yahi tribe he is like the dad of Ishi. Grandmother is the wife of grandfather, she does not really take care of the tribe or Ishi or anybody accept herself. Tushi is Ishi’s sister she always has ishi’s back.

     Ishi is the main characters the book is formed all around ishi. Ishi has two siblings. Ishi really knows how to take responsibilities like when he heard about when his mom had died he stepped up and took responsibilities when ever he had to even when he had to take a chance in green cave he did not just make his brothers and sisters go in there because they were scared but, he was to. Out of my eyes I think ishi is a very brave, confident man.

     I found that being the last of your tribe might be hard but, ishi found a way to problem solve that was really interesting to me just imagine being the last one of maybe your generation it would be kinda scary if it was me. I also found this very interesting. Why did they not have a dad and in the book they did not mention anything about the dad what ever happened because the dad should of been there for him and he in other Native American books the dad is the main character and he is the leader so that made it very interesting.

     Overall I liked this book but, it was really hard for me but I succeeded so that made me really happy. If I had to rate this book one to ten one being the worse ten being the best it would be a seven because it was challenging and not that understanding but ishi the person was. Also at some  parts of the book there was some very weird or not understanding that good. I still liked it though.









Have you ever wondered of being the last of your tribe well if you read the book ishi you will find out. Hello folks I am ishi and I am now the last of the yahi tribe now let me tell you about my life elder uncle is my uncle obviously grandfather is obviously my grandfather but he is kinda my dad. Grandfather was the leader of the yahi tribe but he died so now it is down to elder uncle and he died so we all rely on me, now it is down to my mom but she died too that was the saddest day of my life. she was always my leader now it is my turn to step up and be leader of the yahi tribe. A lot of people died. Now I have to take care of the people and especially timawi and tushi my siblings. My favorite place to be is black rock I find it really interesting the scariest place to be is well this might be embarrassing but this cave called green cave it is only scary because I saw some bones getting buried there by my uncle and grandfather. Well enough of that. Me and my tribe hate the saldu who are our enemies. Who was that was that them i think it was I better go tell the tribe to hide and I will go hide in my favorite place {pause} black rock of course. I heard the dogs they were after me of course cause I am the leader I will go hide in yuna canyon you will have to read the book to find out the rest so bye I have to run before they catch me don’t forget to read about me and my world. Ohhh gosh there they are.















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